Softair - Submachine gun - Northeast MP2A1 GBB - over 18, over 0.5 joules

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  • Das hochwertige und starke Treibgas eignet sich für alle Gas Blow Back (GBB) und Non Blow Back (NBB) Lang- und Kurzwaffen mit Metallschlitten.

    Um die Lebensdauer von Ventilen und Dichtungen zu erhöhen, enthält es einen Flüssigsilikonanteil. Es kann auch bei niedrigeren Temperaturen verwendet werden.

    Allgemeiner Hinweise: Die Ergiebigkeit der Airsoft-Gase ist abhängig von vielen Faktoren (wie z. B. der Größe der Tankfüllung, dem Gewicht des Schlittens, der Art der Airsoft und dem verwendeten System). Airsoft-Gaswaffen funktionieren optimal bei Zimmertemperatur. Sie sind nicht für sehr niedrige Temperaturen um oder unter dem Gefrierpunkt geeignet.

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    Supplied with protective case, eyewear strap and eyewear cleaning cloth.

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  • The rifle case is extremely stable and is ideal for the safe transport of long guns.
    The weapon is optimally protected by the foam inserts. Closed by means of 4 pressure locks, which give a very secure and stable impression. For the closure by means of a padlock or cable tie, the case has 2 eyelets incorporated in the handle area.

  • The grease protects all softair weapons and prevents friction and wear. It lubricates all sliding couples (slides, detents, trigger mechanisms, etc.) and is particularly suitable for sensitive parts of electric and gas-powered softair models. 'Made in EU'.

  • In our BBs, a special manufacturing process virtually prevents the formation of air bubbles inside the ball. This results in an optimal center of gravity, which guarantees a stable and precise trajectory of the ball.

    The OpTacs BBs are characterized by their perfect ball shape and a high quality standard in manufacturing.
    During the manufacturing process, ISO 3290-2001 G1/GO, CE, CTS certification is adhered to, thus achieving a diameter tolerance of 5.95 +/- 0.01 mm.

    At the end of the process, the BBs are polished 17 times to guarantee a perfect surface. Through this, the bullets feed perfectly in the magazine and are ideally suited for both standard and tuning barrels.


    • 4000 pieces
    • 0,25 gram ball weight
    • Color: white
    • 5.95+/- 0.01 mm
    • optimal ball center of gravity
    • 17 times polished
    • perfect feeding in the magazine
    • suitable for all common AEG / Spring and gas softair weapons

    Selection: -> Ultimate

    The BBs are tested in batches and divided into the classes Premium, Supreme and Ultimate. Here, the tolerance in the dimensions and the weights are taken as a basis for assessment.

starting from 679,00 €

Frei ab 18 Jahren!

Preis inkl. gesetzl. USt.

no shipping costs (I+A Prüfung UPS / DHL)

About the story:

The weapon was developed in 1949. In 1954, it was officially introduced to the Israel Defense Forces. Originally equipped with a 25-round magazine, however, over time the 32-round magazine common today has prevailed. Between 1960 and 1983, the MP2 was also manufactured as a licensed version in Belgium, so that the Bundeswehr had MP2s and MP2A1s from two different manufacturers. FN and IMI.

The MP2A1 was introduced to the Bundeswehr starting in 1961 after a fatal accident occurred that was attributed to the MP2's rigid shoulder stock. Since 2002, the MP2 and MP2A1 have been replaced by a 4.6mm x 30 caliber submachine gun from Oberndorf.

The MP2A1 was the primary weapon of the Bundeswehr tank crew and differs from the standard MP2 by the presence of a folding stock. This folding stock gives the MP2A1 the classic look of the most famous submachine gun in the world.

Product Information:

Northeast Airsoft has manufactured in elaborate detail work THE submachine gun par excellence as GBB. The MP2A1 Airsoft definitely does not have to hide from a sharp MP2A1.

Weighing over 3kg, the gun comes with authentic Bundeswehr markings as required by the post-1976 requirements catalog. The case, grip and folding stock of the weapon are made of phosphated sheet steel. Only the bolt (breech block) was made of aluminum and can be pulled completely to the rear, as on the sharp prototype. There the bolt locks, while the bolt lever moves forward again. Due to the light breech block, a crisp and realistic recoil is realized, which makes shooting with the MP2A1 an experience.

The Northeast MP2A1 is an eye-catcher in any collection and should not be missed. BW Reenacter, collectors and players should definitely take a closer look at the MP2A1 and personally convince themselves of the quality of this airsoft replica.

Technical data:

  • System: gas blowback, semi-auto
  • Caliber: 6mm BB
  • HopUp: TM Spec, adjustable
  • Material: Metal
  • Magazine capacity: 32 rounds
  • Energy: approx. 1,4 Joule
  • Total length: 470 / 640mm
  • Barrel length: mm
  • Weight: 3160g
  • Package contents: weapon, magazine, German manual


  • authentic Bundeswehr markings as found on the MP2 after 1976
  • case, grip and folding stock made of sheet steel
  • Metal breech
  • Compatible with "Real Steel" accessories
  • HopUp adjustable
  • 32 shot magazine

Softair weapons with an energy over 0.5 joules are subject to the Weapons Act and must have an 'F' marking in the pentagon. The acquisition, possession and transport of the weapons is permitted to adults without a firearms license. However, they are subject to the ban on carrying (§42 a WaffG).

Free from:
Blowback / non-Blowback:
Weapon type:
Product weight:
3,16 Kg
Dimensions ( length ):
47,00 cm
Pflege und Wartung


  • Magazine mit Gastank sollten immer mit etwas Restgas gelagert werden. Das Softair-Gas enthält in der Regel Silikon-Anteile und pflegen somit die Dichtungen. Bei Undichtigkeit kann der betroffene O-Ring ausgebaut und über Nacht in Silikon-Öl eingelegt werden. Wenn dieser nach Einbau weiterhin undicht ist, muss er ersetzt werden.
  • Magazine mit Co2 Kartusche sollten niemals mit eingelegter Kartusche gelagert werden, da der permanente Andruck auf die Dichtung, diese beschädigt. Co2 Kartuschen haben keine Silikon-Anteile und verursachen beim Abblasen Temperaturen um den Gefrierpunkt. Bitte nach dem vorzeitigen Abblasen der Kartusche, diese noch in der Waffe / Magazin lassen bis keine Vereisung mehr zu erkennen ist und dann die Kartusche vorsichtig entnehmen.
  • Bei Co2 Waffen regelmäßig Wartungskapseln verwenden, damit die Dichtungen im Innernen der Waffe ebenfalls geschmiert werden und nicht trockenlaufen.
  • Die Laufflächen welche bei mechanischer Belastung Reibungen ausgesetzt werden, z.B. bei Blowback Pistolen mit beweglichem Schlitten oder Blowback Gewehren mit beweglichem Boltcarrier, müssen regelmäßig gereinigt und geschmiert werden.
  • Der Lauf einer Waffe sollte mittels Reinigungsstab und einem weichen Tuchschnippsel gereinigt werden. Verwenden Sie keine Gummi-angreifenenden Mittel, da sonst der Hop-Up Gummi, falls verbaut, beschädigt werden kann.

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