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GunPoint is your first port of call when it comes to original sports weapons and safety equipment. In addition to pistols and rifles of all kinds, we also have special models for private use. You can also find the ammunition you need as well as various upgrade options, e.g. in terms of target optics, in our comprehensive range.

In addition to products from the security sector, as well as additional equipment for outdoor activities and care products for weapons, the core of our high-quality GunPoint selection consists of: Softair guns, air guns, scare guns and RAM guns. The individual product classes are further differentiated into specific weapon types such as pistols, submachine guns, rifles, shotguns and more.

Softair weapons are operated both electrically and with capsules and gas and usually fire 6 mm BB bullets. The workmanship of the sporting guns is very authentic and detailed. Stability and durability as well as the possibility of upgrading with target optics and different capsules delight hobby shooters. More about softair weapons in the shop.

Three successful softair models:

    P99 pistol from Walther

    Rifle Kalashnikov AK-47 Wood

    MP5 submachine gun from Heckler & Koch

    As the name suggests, air guns work with compressed air, whereby the firing energy, depending on the model, is sufficient for one shot, as with the bent barrel, or for several salvos. While modern models tend to be operated with CO?, classics present themselves as underlever cocking, side cocking & Co. More about air rifles in the shop.

    Three successful air rifle models:

        Sig Sauer MCX carbine
        Air rifle Weihrauch HW 100T
        Air pistol GSG S400 (German Sport Guns)
    RAM weapons, i.e. Real Action Markers also work with compressed air, CO? & Co., but are mostly operated with .43 or .68 calibre and often serve as training weapons, which distinguishes them from the other sporting weapons and makes them even more authentic. GunPoint carries some particularly high-quality models in this segment that are ideal for these uses.

    Three popular RAM training rifles:

        HK416 T4E (Heckler & Koch).
        Walther SG 68 RAM
        T4E ("Training for Engagement") TM4 RIS
    Alarm guns can be upgraded in many ways, e.g. with pyrotechnics or blanks. These are mostly pistols, but more massive submachine guns are also available.

    More about alarm guns in the shop.

    Three popular alarm guns:

        Colt Detective Special revolver
        ISSC M22
        Revolver Viper 4,5'
    Who can find the right equipment at GunPoint?
    The GunPoint range is interesting for you for many reasons: The articles are very realistically designed as sporting weapons and allow authentic shooting practice at short and medium distances. At the same time, however, they cost less, are safer to handle and are therefore legally bound to fewer specifications.

    Sport shooters and role-players benefit just as much as people who deal with firearms in their profession, such as soldiers, police officers and security forces of all kinds, as well as hunters. Many sporting weapons on GunPoint resemble hunting rifles or service weapons around the globe and are eligible for regular shooting training.

    In addition to professional purposes and popular sports, aesthetic aspects are also important for many interested parties. Gun collectors and historians enjoy the weapons that either played a role in certain political and world-historical events or achieved significance directly in relation to technical progress in the weapons sector.

    One model for history buffs, for example, is our underlever cocking rifle, the Mauser K98 air rifle. This replica is based on the Mauser Model 98 carbine bolt action rifle, which is striking in two ways. On the one hand, the weapon, which was produced until 1945, was a standard rifle of the First World War, which also accompanied countless soldiers in the Second World War. On the other hand, the Mauser System 98 of this weapon set standards in terms of weapon locking systems and has been used over 100 million times to this day.

    GunPoint ensures safety
    In the GunPoint shop, you can not only deal with pistols and rifles, but also find interesting sporting weapons as an archer. These include our crossbows and pistol crossbows. In addition to bolt ammunition, we also offer transport bags and aiming aids for these products.

    Knives & Tools:

        Folding knives (fishing and carving).
        Fixed knives (handicraft, survival in nature)
        Multi-Tools (pliers, wire cutters and more)
    We also stock items for personal safety such as defensive sprays and items for outdoor activities and training sessions. These include protective devices for you and your weapons, useful all-purpose knives as well as lubricants and weapon care products. Oil and silicone sprays not only preserve the longevity of a gun, but also its positive shooting characteristics.

    Acquire and maintain GunPoint sporting guns & co. legitimately
    Handling weapons requires a certain level of maturity, regardless of the type of weapon and how it functions, and is subject to numerous conditions in Germany. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the Weapons Act (WaffG) is the obligatory guideline for handling weapons and apparent weapons.

    For the weapons in our shop, we basically distinguish between two different classifications with regard to sale and permitted possession. For example, our pistols and rifles from the softair weapons range may be handed over to persons aged 14 and over if the energy does not exceed 0.5 joules.

    For all weapons with a higher energy during firing or operation, the age of majority of 18 years must be given. In both cases, however, a firearms licence is not required. We would like to point out that use in a private room, e.g. for target practice, is permitted, but carrying the weapon in public is prohibited according to §42 WaffG.

    The regulations regarding the ban on carrying also apply to all knives with a lockable blade or a blade length of more than 12 cm. All regulations concerning shooting in a sporting context are governed by section 15 and its subsections of the Weapons Act.

    Changes to the Weapons Act take place on an ongoing basis and should be followed regularly by all interested and affected parties. We therefore recommend that our GunPoint customers exercise care and attention. At the beginning of 2017, there was and still is a debate about the transfer of weapons within the EU. Section 36 of the Weapons Act was again a topic in parliament.

    This paragraph deals with the storage obligations of gun owners. Weapons and ammunition should always be secured and stored separately. Children and young people in particular must not have the chance to open a cabinet, safe or showcase with weapons in it. The keys to these must also be stored with care.

    Anyone wishing to carry a sharp weapon in Germany must obtain a firearms licence to do so. In 2016, there was a rapid increase in applications for the so-called small firearms licence (§10 WaffG), which is required, for example, to carry alarm guns.

    What can be said in summary about GunPoint?
    We offer you a wide range of sports weapons and accessories. Leading manufacturers are represented in this selection with absolute quality weapons that work reliably and are used on the one hand in the professional sector, e.g. for professional shooters and competitive athletes. On the other hand, hobby shooters, hobbyists and historians get their money's worth and can live out their fascination with sporting weapons.

    Owning weapons and using them regularly requires good care and storage. For this reason, our range not only includes a number of upgrades for the shooting characteristics of a weapon, but also accessories for storage, transport and careful (material) care.

    Furthermore, we carry various safety and outdoor articles. These include protective goggles, knives and aids for practice at the shooting range and in nature, but also self-protection products for everyday use.

    We are aware of our responsibility and therefore not only attach importance to the quality of our products, but also to strict compliance with legal requirements. GunPoint shares our high safety standards and conscientious knowledge of the applicable weapons law with its customers.

    As an expert for sports weapons & co., we are also constantly striving to expand our range for you and to present you with new equipment and aids for your sport. We are happy to give you impulses and provide you with convenient payment methods and reliable and secure shipping.