03/2021 Development
05/2021 Reverse Engineering
08/2021 3D Autocad Model
08/2021 Function-Test Simulation
11/2021 White Model Parts
12/2021 Function / Fitting White Model
01/2022 3D Print - Metal / Plastic
01/2022 Color-Research
04/2022 Prototype - Build
05/2022 Prototype - Paint
06/2022 Function-Test Prototype
07/2022 Tooling Start
10/2022 Tooling Finish
01/2023 Production-Start Pre-Batch / accompanying QA
10/2023 Pre-Batch Delivery / Final Test / Approval
01/02 2024 1.st Batch Production / Delivery

The latest update:

1. Store update and order status: In December, we switched to a new store version and improved the layout and functionality. During the update we were able to transfer the customer data, but the assignment of the order history could only be made up for in January. This means that everyone should be able to see their orders again.

2. preorders: We have switched off the preorders as the first batch has been sold. We will reactivate them when we have the date for the second batch. This will probably be around the middle of the year.Production of 2nd batch starts after Chinese Holidays.

3. France: With Cybergun we have found a good solution for customers from France. We will also be able to supply French customers from the next batch. We have received so many inquiries from France that we assume that the planned quantity for 2024 would otherwise not have been sufficient. Factory capacities are always planned on an annual basis and we were therefore unable to make any further adjustments. At this point we have to thank cybergun, as this is not the usual way. 

4. Delivery: The models of the first batch are on their way to us. For all those who have already ordered, we have a little surprise: The models will be delivered in the original packaging in which the French armed forces were supplied at the time.

5. In the online store we have added the pictures for the "F" of the semi-version; so collectors can also see that the weapon is not disfigured here.

6. Next steps: We are adding the exploded view to the home-of-famas.com website and will also translate it into French. We will also add the spare parts to the online store.

Now we hope that they arrive quickly and that everything goes smoothly at customs. We will write to all customers who have not yet paid for their pre-order when the goods arrive, so all you have to do is keep an eye on your mailbox.

We have received help from many members of the community. Tips and advice from the discord channel. Influencers who accompanied us also helped us a lot. This was the first development for us and we sometimes had bad timing because we simply lacked experience and had to deal with unforeseen situations like corona. We learned a lot for the next time.

My team, Northeast, Cybergun and I would like to say thank you very much for your patience, your interest, your questions, which we couldn't answer because there was a lot of them and we didn't expect it. 

Swen from GunPoint

Update 23.10.2023

The orders have been passed on to the factories in and production of the parts has already begun. We have expressed the wish to have the first models ready this year.  However, we are dependent on the production times here, which we cannot influence.

Nevertheless, this is THE step we had to wait for a long time. 

Update 28.08.2023

First Approval is done; second one will be faster. Everthing is fine and production of the parts has been started.

Additional Information to Final Test Status:

Hello all.
You are all anxious for updates on the current status of the Fa-Mas.
We have kept the whole thing transparent and will continue to do so.
We have had a few models of the produktionseries with us in Anklam and put them through their paces. After a stress test, we found a weak point in the material of a few smaller plastic parts. We have now decided to have these 3 parts produced again in a different material and to test them. Unfortunately this delays the release a bit. The decision was between; putting the parts on the market and accepting that they might break after 5000 shots, or eliminating the flaw. We decided on the latter. Nevertheless, there were mostly good results in the tests and we are more than satisfied with the remaining parts. The finish has been reworked in a few parts, the fire control unit is really great and the weight is only a few grams away from the real thing. The performance itself has been very good and also the blowback is above expectations due to the massive breech. It is also interesting that we had no wear on screws and materials although we disassembled the gun very very often. Also the change of the Nozzles goes within the shortest time without much effort as we had imagined. In general, we are very satisfied with the result; nevertheless, the decision that we have to rework here again. If you have more detailed questions about this, please feel free to contact us. We will keep you up to date. Your team from GunPoint